Crop Dividers

  • Quick attach.
  • Adjustable height/ can be lifted to drive on trailer.
  • Narrow front to cut through crop.
  • 12″ rubber to prevent damage from driving through tile holes.
  • Replaceable tin.
  • Can be made to fit any sprayer or tractor.
  • Lightweight aluminum

See the Crop Divider in Action


Custom Applicators

HFL’s Crop Dividers save crop.  Therefore it makes good sense to use them when spraying in crop.
If you own HFL’s Crop Dividers then you can more easily convince farmers to use your services for their custom application due to the crop savings. (1 bushel of soybeans/acre could pay for the whole application.)  If you currently have a good customer base you could charge an extra rate for the use of your HFL Crop Dividers.  A simple rate of $1.00/acre would provide a quick payback. If you save the farmer 1 bushel of crop, their payback would be high on the dollars spent.  If the farmer decides against spending the money, the HFL Crop Dividers will simply detach and you can spray the crop without the Dividers.

  • If you save 1 bushel of wheat per acre at 6 dollars per bushel, than it would only take 500 acres to pay for a set of 4.
  • if you save 1 bushel of soybeans per acre at 12 dollars per bushel, than it will only take 250 acres to pay for a set of 4.
  • Also used in cotton, canola  and white beans and possibly more crops.