Pathway Grader

Enjoy all the benefits of the The Laneway Grader in a more compact Pathway Grader!

Available in 4′ wide or 6′ wide models.

  • Designed for use with a 25 to 50 horsepower tractor
  • On the go adjustable roll for ease of operation
  • Adjustable pitch to keep the edge of your path, yard or lane neat
  • Option to equip with electric actuators for use with ATV
  • Heavy enough to cut into your large driveway as well as narrow enough to grade your pathways

The Pathway Grader is the little brother to the Laneway Grader. Sharing all the benefits of the Laneway Grader, the Pathway Grader has the same one pass grading system, however is intended for smaller tractors or an ATV. Great for golf course pathways, bike paths and even larger lanes, especially if your tractor is not able to handle the Laneway Grader. You will be amazed at its ability to grade in the hardest situation in your yard. Even though it will take you longer then the Laneway Grader, it will still take less time then a 3 point hitch blade or a loader.

The Pathway Grader is a more economical way to own a more complete grading machine. If you feel that the investment in the Laneway Grader is not justifiable, then this is a more cost efficient way to get all the benefits of the Laneway Grader.

No need to settle for one of those cheap graders that doesn’t do the job.

The Laneway Grader has earned a reputation and the pathway grader intends to carry that tradition on.