Tile Trench Grader

The Tile Trench Grader

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The Tile Trench Grader

Tile Trench back filling made easy with our


  • Fills the trench that the tile machine leaves with only 2 passes.
  • Saves time, fuel, wear and tear on your machinery.
  • Leaves just the right amount of soil on top of the trench to allow proper filling when rained on.
  • Fits Category 2 and 3 quick hitch.
  • Rack for concrete block weight.
  • Replaceable bolt on grader blade for the bottom.
  • Built heavy to withstand rocks and other debris.
  • No moving parts.

Spend less time and fuel filling your tile trenches with our Tile Trench Grader.

Tile Trench Grader Carrier Cart

NEW…Wheel carry system for Tiling companies.  Allows Tile Trench Grader to be towed by a pick up truck from one farm to another.  No trailer required.  It makes the unit more stable while filling the tile trench as well.   There is a front beam so that discs can be installed.

Tile Trench grader carrier

For more info or to purchase the Tile Trench Grader please send an email to rick@hflfabricating.com or call toll free  1-866-592-3806.  You can also check out the dealers below.

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